1. To Tokyooooo (at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), International Arrival Hall)

    To Tokyooooo (at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), International Arrival Hall)

  2. Hah I think you may have been cut off. Does it make me into a certain sort of person if I just watch this and get very drunk?

  3. ‘Tough Love’ by Jessie WareThis track sounds like the beating of a heart and that’s why I like it

    ‘Tough Love’ by Jessie Ware
    This track sounds like the beating of a heart and that’s why I like it

  4. I guess if I were you I would go to a club and request a Karen O special.

    (A song, I mean.)

  5. It is okay to think I am hot. But also do not forget that you know who I am because I am prolific and good at what I do. Without those two things, you would be unable to know that I am hot.

  6. Be very, very careful what you do with those feelings, reader.

  7. I think the thoughts, feelings and work of women have been systematically devalued throughout history since Sappho and they will continue to be until everyone realises that being different and thinking differently from men isn’t less good. This means that women tend to be hired less as well as paid less and women ask for less because society tells them they are worth less. Some women have started to write like men (stylistically speaking as well as other aspects) as a result, and JK Rowling takes up gender neutral and male pseudonyms to get her books published. Women are automatically asked to think that the ‘male’ way is better, even if it isn’t.

    This is all a problem of gender socialisation of course. If we had no smothering concepts of masculinity or femininity it’d be more likely that everyone would be happier. 

    Capitalism is a whole other terrible problem. Capitalism isn’t meritocracy.

    In short: this is probably a question too big for me to answer here. Eek! But yes, women are employed less to talk about video games and it isn’t because we are less talented. It is because a number of things outside of our control conspire to make people think we are not fit for the job.

  8. I think it will end in January or around then. I don’t think I can quite keep going like this forever, and 12 chapters make a book, methinks. 

    I don’t think I realised how big a toll this would take on me when I started. I think I was a tad naive, to be honest. But I will finish it when it feels right.

  9. I think for me it is important to run on emotions because they motivate me to do better and be better. (They are handy for writing too as previously discussed on this tumblr.)

    I wish I was a robot who didn’t hurt quite so much, but we are human. We can’t turn these things off. The best thing to realise is that you can only experience the chemical highs of being in love because you know what it is like to experience loneliness or heartbreak. The reason we recognise happiness is because we know what unhappiness is like.

    The hardest thing for me to do is tell myself that loving someone or spending time on someone who drops you, uses you, fucks you over, or otherwise disrespects your time and feelings, the hardest thing about that is telling yourself that you shouldn’t be ashamed of having cared. Never regret love. It is not time wasted, it is not misspent. If you gave something to someone and they didn’t value it, it isn’t your fault, but you gave it its value, not them. You knew it was worth something. You understood who you were and what it meant. 

    You have to go back out there. Nothing would get done without it. Remember the people who wasted your time, and make sure you keep your distance in future. But don’t punish other people because the last one didn’t understand what it was you gave them.

    Never ever regretting loving things or people is how you carry on. My greatest asset is that I just can’t be more stoic. It is probably also my greatest flaw. But I try not to worry too much. One day someone will understand that the person I am is the person they want. 

    I also have a Minaj for this as well. There is a Minaj for every occasion. 


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